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    hi folks, there is a sidebar in the shop pages: how do I control what appears in there? There are 3 headings now: pages (where all pages in the site appear), categories and archive. I’d like to control which pages appear under “pages”, and get rid of “categories” and “blog”

    can this be done?

    thank you :-)


    Hi dialogue99,

    With WooCommerce active, you should also see a Shop sidebar area. That is the one that controls the content on the shop page.

    As for getting rid of the other widget areas, there isn’t an easy way to do it but there also isn’t a need as if you don’t add anything to them nothing will appear there.




    hi devin

    thanks for the reply. I sorted out the shop pages thanks to your advice now. However the blog side menu remains.

    I don’t understand as the widget page has two areas for the blog pages, and there are not widgets at all in there. But as you can see in the link below

    I get a left side menu. Not only that – it contains link to all the pages in the site, even all the user area ones (my account, edit my address etc).

    any ideas of how to get rid of them?

    many thanks for your help, much appreciated!

    andrea :-)



    This is a good plugin to take complete control of the sidebars

    Those links you see in there are automatic with new themes so that people new to wordpress realize that they exist. You can remove them by adding a widget there. or if you want the sidebars completely gone from that page you can add the code below to quick css located in Abundance > Theme Options > Styling .. at the bottom of the page, or add the code to the end of /css/custom.css file.

    #top.category .sidebar.sidebar_left {
    display: none;
    #top.category .content {
    width: 100% !important;




    thanks nick, that did the trick!


    Glad it helped you out.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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