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    (see: I’m referring to the space above the ‘visit our most popular show categories’ image and then the white space around our slider plugins within each tab (this may be a plugin adjustment rather than the template…). I’m hoping to make small adjustments to bring as much page content above the page fold as possible.

    I’ve been looking through the style.css and other files looking to find the appropriate field to adjust the amount of white space at the top of a page / post section to have less wasted space on the screen. I’ve found how to adjust the spacing between columns, the padding at the bottom of the page before the footer and at the top padding just after the main menu, however I can’t find where to adjust the actual padding inside the main content container.

    In addition to that, is is possible to adjust padding surrounding content inside tabbed systems?



    On your custom.css. Try to experiment on this selector.

    .tabcontainer {
    padding: 50px 0 0 0;

    This will give you a 50px white space at the top. :)




    This code works to adjust how close the tabbed content system can be to other content on the exterior (which now looks nice and close), however it does not affect the spacing on the inside of the tabbed content systems. Is there a similar code for that space?

    Is there any code that can move all of the page / post content closer to the top of the white box it displays within?



    The way I understand your question, is that you want to reduce the whitespace between the menu and the image in the posts sections(Popular Show Page). Try adding this code in your custom.css:

    .post-entry {
    padding: 0 18px!important;
    margin-top: -12px;

    Adjust the margin valude as required. Hope this helps. :)

    Best Regards,



    This works great. Thank you for your help Ismael!



    Hi Andy,

    I’m glad that I could help you. :)



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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