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    see the sort box to the right that is pre-populated with alphabetically? yeah, page text is riding right over it..

    but its interesting too as, unless i use <h> </h> tags for every sentence of text, half of the text then gets applied a small <p> style from a woo config file..

    very confused..please help :)


    Hi zstopa,

    The page title is not meant for that much text. You can put the shop description in the text editor, above the shortcode that displays your store to avoid this issue.

    However, if you are already do that, can you create and send the login details for an admin account so I can see whats going on in your installation. Send to DevinVinson(at)




    The issue is the WooCommerce Shop designation is taking priority over the custom template options and then the text that is actually on the page is loaded in at the top of the Shop template without a proper container for it (as the shop template isn’t really meant for page content other than the auto-created shop).

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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