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    First, let me say that you all rock! I am a completely novice user and now, I actually feel like I can develop a website. Okay maybe that’s a stretch but I feel like I can at least edit very well thanks to all of your help. Now, the question.

    My clients are into User Experience Design, which means that they want a similar look and feel across all the web pages. We have 3 different forms in our template and had 3 different looks/feels. Currently, the form of the Contact Us page doesn’t generate any errors if all of the required information is not inputted. All it does is highlight the boxes. Is there a way to generate error messages specific to the fields like the other forms?

    Also, how do I edit the text in the form? For instance, if I want to change Subject to “Describe Your Area of Interest.” Please advise if I need to submit 2 separate issues.

    Our website is
    The other 2 forms are located at and (Purchase code hidden if logged out) /

    Thanks again for everything!!!!



    You’d need to use a specialized plugin for that:
    Gravity Forms



    Hi Josue, remember I am still a novice. Can you go into a little more detail about how I would use these forms? Currently for the Get Involved page, we use contact form 7. I am not familiar with Gravity Forms. Are you basically saying that I am no longer using the contact us form provided by the template but generating an entirely new form? What would I do to replace the form that is there; will it automatically be replaced when I put the contact form 7 on the Contact Us page? Thank you so much!!!


    Hi Josue,

    I went ahead and created an additional form using Contact 7 since I am familiar with that one. How do I go about removing the default form on the Contact us page?


    Issue can be closed – found the article with the below information that worked. My page stayed but the form was removed.

    In the theme options>contact & social stuff

    change Contact Form Page to “select page”

    It is that simple to disable the built in contact form.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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