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    Your message has been sent!

    Thank you!

    Wo kann ich diese Meldung ins Deutsche übersetzen? In der template_contact.php habe ich es geändert. Allerdings bleibt die Meldung in Englisch.



    Diese Nachricht kann in send.php geändert werden.




    Schön, dass ich helfen konnte.



    i was looking for the same.

    tried to alter the text (your name) in the contact form by altering the template_contact.php

    now my contact site isn’t working at all – doesn’t show a thing, though i realtered it back to the original.

    the contact form of the template appears in red on the right column of the editor.

    is there any way i can restore the original template’s contact form?




    Please download the original file from Theme Forest and replace the template_contact.php in your theme folder with the new downloaded version.

    What modifications are you trying to make to the contact page?


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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