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    I launched my site a couple of weeks ago and noticed I wasn’t getting a single email. I decided to test out the contact page myself and it seems to work correctly – I even receive the verification email to my test address that my message was received – but I never actually receive the email to my account.

    I tried changing the email on both the contact page within Theme Options > Contact > Your Email Address as well as Settings > General > Email Address but neither of them have made the contact page actually deliver me the contact requests :P

    Looking forward to support :)

    ps – love your themes, I’ve already bought 2!



    Maybe your hoster blocks the email? Did you try web mail accounts and did you check your spam filter settings?

    Best regards,



    I’m still having the same problem. I installed a “check mail” plugin ( and used multiple email accounts and none of them received test emails :(

    The emails I used were my gmail and then the (Email address hidden if logged out) email which goes through google business accounts now. Neither of them have worked. And I checked spam for both and nothing.


    ps – sorry for the late reply, I never received word this was answered


    Hi blauvelt,

    Did you check with your web host to see if they allow email?




    How can I do that? (if it helps, I’m fully hosted on




    Contact them to check your settings.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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