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    How do I make the contact page work(DISPLAY Template). Like, how do I link the send button to an email address? Also, I purchased this before realizing that you had a WordPress Version???? Silly me…….. Is there an easy way to convert this to WordPress? : )

    Thanks for your prompt reply.



    I’ll request the html version from Kriesi and help you as soon as possible. You can’t convert html to wp easily. Maybe you can talk to themeforest to get a refund if you buy the wp version.


    Thanks….. one more question. On the blog Archive page…… how do I get the reply button to work?



    1) To change the email adress just open contact.php and find following code at the very top:

    $name_of_your_site = "";
    $email_adress_reciever = " (Email address hidden if logged out) "; and (Email address hidden if logged out) to your wbsite name and email adress.

    2) The HTML version of Display doesn’t support comments, so the reply button has no function.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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