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    Hi, I have changed the email address that the contact page email is going to but also tried to changed it back to default but nothing seems to be sending and there is no confirmation to say its gone.. It goes green when I post a contact page email but then just dissapears. do I need to set anything else in the theme or in admin to get this working?

    Thank you//


    PS. This website goes live in the morning and would be great to get this resolved today so that it works ok from day 1 for the customer.


    Hi duttonstuart,

    The form uses the default wp mail function, so you can test another plugin like Contact Form 7 and see if that works. You may also need to use a domain hosted email address if your server has spam protection for sending out emails from an address not based on the domain.




    ah so a Yahoo email address may not work .. I may need to use a domain website an forward to their standard email. will give it a try. thanks


    hmm.. tried contact form 7 and it didnt work either just hangs. Although when I use a different one it doesnt work either.. any suggestions?


    domain registered email address does not work either.. is there something in wordpress I need to be checking or is this another issue?


    best to mention that this website has been hosted on GoDaddy not sure if this makes a difference to the PHP Mail function. if so is there a workaround?


    tried Mail – SMTP and the test email works ok.. but the wheel keeps then spinning and doesnt submit the form when in the page.


    The best thing to do then is to contact GoDaddy and explain what is happening with your wordpress installation and ask what steps need to be done to get the mail function working properly (since its just an add on tot he php mail function).



Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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