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    Is it possible to add more text areas for questions on the contact page or do I have to use a plugin like fast secure contact or contact 7. Which is preferable? Either???


    Hi elames,

    You would need to edit the contact-form.php located in the theme’s includes folder. If you’re not comfortable with HTML/PHP enough to do that you may better be off going with a plugin such as Fast Secure Contact or Contact 7.




    Thank you,I will take a look at the file and see what I might be able to do. html is fine, but I do not do php so the plug in may be the way to go for me.


    Hi Again, Just wanted to report back..I was able to do a form like I wanted on the contact page. I am just tweaking it and waiting for my friends to tell me the questions. So it will work in case someone else wants to know. It is a bit limiting, but for simple form it should work fine.

    I am posting this temp link so others can see my example. Thanks again for your help. I learn so much here

    ONE other question. Is there any way a photo could be attached to a message sent via the contact form?


    Hi elames,

    Do you mean have a visitor upload a photo via the form? Or include a photo in the message you receive?




    Yes have a visitor using the form be able to upload a photo via the form. Or, I guess just include a photo would work as well. Just some way they can send images without having to send an attachment with a regular email.



    Unfortunately the contact form and the contact form mails do not support attachments. You can use plugins like Formidable which offer more options.

    Best regards,


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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