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    Hello again ;). Thanks for the last fast responce, this theme works and looks greate.

    I got into an small problem about the contact form. The validation is awsome, it shows an red color (border). I asked my self, what happened if the person is color blind?…anyway is it possible to have fallback to simple text?.

    Dont wanna ask to much but it doesnt need to be type specific (name, numbers), just an global text that says “please fill in the dam form)….:))

    Hope my crazy queston is okay understandable.



    Hi chugarah,

    I’ll have to tag Kriesi on this one as its more of a feature request that would need to be added to the framework.




    Hi Devin :). Okay, thanks.


    I didn’t test this “hack” but imho a quick fix would be to replace following line in js/avia.js:



    surroundingElement.append("Invalid input");

    You can replace the “Invalid input” message with any text of your choice.

    Personally I’m not color blind but imho color blind people are able to see the highlight color because different colors (light/dark colors) will transform to different shades of grey.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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