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    i am having problems with the contact page displaying as a profollio after i removed the terms and conditions text box from within the settings are this is not needed on my contact form.

    also on your videos you seem to have more options on your overwrite default page layout why is this.



    You want to have a portfolio inside your contact page? Have I understood you correctly? The contact page is independent of the portfolio and I don’t believe it’s possible to have a portfolio within a contact page without some modifications.

    Can you please provide a link to the video which has more options on the overwrite default page layout. If you notice on that page, there is an additional horizontal menu in the middle of the page which opens up additional options. Also some of the select boxes open up additional menu panels with more choices.




    i feel there maybe a mis understanding the URL for my contact page is as you can see this does not display as a contact page at all but as a portfollio.

    i removed the terms and conditions tick boxed for the contact form and they is what caused the changed but do not know ho i can get contact page back.

    the link to videos is found on your live preview of the theme of themepress.


    i am very sorry just noticed on the theme live preview it says The tutorials for this theme are coming soon, meanwhile check out the ones for the very similar working theme Abundance: so it is not for the theme i am using this why it has different options in the drop down i guess.



    No worries.

    You can create 4 empty pages with just title: Home, News, Portfolio, Contact.

    Home and News/Blog are set at Propulsion > Theme Options ; the Contact page is set at Propulsions > Theme Options > Contact .

    For portfolio, you need to create a dynamic template and then add it to the portfolio page you’ve made. There is a tutorial on that subject.

    Here is a video on propulsion I made before, though its helpful, I am no longer sure if portfolio covered in it.

    The framework is close enough in between some of the themes that you can watch a tutorial for a different theme to get an idea how dynamic templates work (since they work same everywhere).




    thanks for clearing up the type of pages i can make but i still can not get my contact page to display it seems to be displaying as a portfolio see link this happened after removing terms and conditions from the contact form as it was not needed.


    Hey leew87,

    Can you create a temporary admin account for me so I can take a look at the contact page/portfolio issue live?

    You can send the information to my email at DevinVinson (at) Make sure to include a link to this topic so that my spam filter doesn’t grab it :)




    i have sent details for the account to your email address


    All fixed up. There was a portfolio set of options that didn’t have a page designated which can sometimes cause that.



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