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    We use FSC Contact Form plugin.

    Whenever the contact form is sent from a Portfolio post, it malfunctions. eg:

    However, whenever the plugin is embed in a page, it works fine, eg:

    Is this a known bug? Are there any fixes? Are there any form plugins that will work with portfolio posts that can be recommended?




    Contact Form 7 is a known plugin, usually use on Avia themes when needed. You might want to check it out.





    It still doesn’t work with Contact Form 7.

    Please go to the main page: and select the portfolio Destination Weddings. You’ll see that it just says “Contact Form Plugin” rather than showing a working plugin.

    Is there a reason that two popular plugins don’t work with the theme?


    Hi kizuri,

    When you pasted the shortcode:

    [contact-form 1 "Contact form 1"]

    Make sure that the content editor is set to HTML and not Visual




    It was pasted in the HTML/Text section.

    Why do two well known contact form plugins not work with the portfolio?


    The plugin works on individual portfolio pages: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) /

    but not when part of the main portfolio page:, click Destination Weddings


    Hi kizuri,

    It looks like the shortcode isn’t able to work within the ajax portfolio. You’ll need to use the single page option (non ajax) or add in the contact form via html and php directly into the ajax portfolio layout.

    This would be in includes>helper-templates.php and to put it just after the text the new code or php would go right after:

    echo avia_advanced_hr(false, 'small');
    the_content(__('Read more →','avia_framework'));
    echo "</div>";




    Hi Devin,

    Thank you!

    I’m sorry, it’s probably obvious.. but what code do I add after the code you posted?




    The contact form will not work with the ajax portfolio page. The reason is not the php code in includes>helper-templates.php but missing javascript files and unrecognized element bindings in the DOM.

    Best regards,



    I’m sorry, I didn’t understand your response.

    Can any of the above be corrected?


    Ok, to keep it simple. You can include the contact form on this page: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) / because it’s a single page (and it doesn’t use ajax to load the content). You won’t be able to include the contact form on this page. though because ajax is used to load the portfolio entries. To put it in other words – the contact form can not be part of the main portfolio page without some custom work.


    Thank you!

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