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    When submitting the contact form, the post params from the form are being double url encoded.

    So the myemail param, ie the email the contact details will be sent to, is double url encoded, then it gets decoded only once (in send.php by the look of it) and so the final email is wrong and the fails to send:

    – required email address: (Email address hidden if logged out)

    – after one url encode: ( as url encode code for @ is = %40, all OK so far)

    – after second url encode (now the % from first code is again encoded! as %25 )

    – after single url decode by php:

    – If you turn javascript OFF in the browser the problem goes away.

    – If I hard code the myemail as a string in send.php then off course the contact form details are then sent to the correct email address, but all of the other params (such as senders email, message text etc) are still encoded

    Does anybody know how to solve this? or have we missed something?




    strange problem. Which charset do you use for your blog? UTF-8?



    Thanks for your reply.

    Yes we are using default UTF-8, in the following place:

    Reading Settings > Encoding for pages and feeds: UTF-8

    Many thanks


    I’m not sure why the contact form converts the chars if you use UTF-8. Have you tried other contact form plugins like Contact Form 7 or cformsII – if they show the same error it’s very likely a hoster issue.



    We are now using Contact Form 7 and this does not show the same problem, so we will use that for now

    The site is:

    Many Thanks.


    Hi ,

    We are going to put up some more sites using this theme, and we would very much like to use the supplied contact form (ie the one we are having trouble with) so we would really like to get this problem resolved.

    We have two sites up already and the problem shows on both of them, but contact 7 form works all OK. Would you be able to take a look at the sites to see if you can see what might be wrong please? I can let you have the address and login info

    Many Thanks


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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