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    Hi Dude,

    how can I …

    – surpress the “built-in-contact form” (broadscope) (localized here:

    (there are 2 contact forms…)

    – use another plugin instead

    – let the page named “Kontakt” be the desired one in “Contact and social stuff”

    (because if not chosen there it will display a blog entry :/

    Thx & take care




    1) Go to Broadscope Options > “Contact and social stuff” and set the contact page dropdown to: “Select page”. Save the options afterwards.

    2) Make sure that you didn’t apply the “contact template” directly to any page.

    3) As far as I know all contact form plugins offer shortcodes which makes it quite easy to add other contact forms. Recommended plugins can be found here:

    I’d just insert the contact form shortcode to the page/post content.


    Thx! That’s what I did (didn’t apply the “contact template” directly to any page).

    And I inserted the shortcode -> [si-contact-form=’1′] into the page (html).

    How can it be that (despite all this) there’s the broadscope contact form shown as well below the si-contact-form,-

    I thought I could “disable that” somehow (erasing some lines of code or so…)?

    Take care & thx for the hints!



    To remove the standard contact form you can go in your theme options and just put your contact page as “select page”, this will get rid of the inclusion.


    Thanks Chris,- that did it.

    Maybe I should have refreshed the cache or close/open up browser again,- as this (as described) didn’t help somehow.

    Now all is fine. Thx again & take care



    Glad that Chris could help you :)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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