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    Hi, I have some trouble with the Contact form.

    I pasted my contact.php, could you tell me which lines I should modify?

    Thanks a lot!


    $pageinfo = array(‘full_name’ => ‘Contact Options’, ‘optionname’=>’contact’, ‘child’=>true, ‘filename’ => basename(__FILE__));

    $options = array (

    array( “type” => “open”),

    array( “name” => “Contact Page”,

    “desc” => “The Page you choose here will display the Contact Form in addition to the normal page content:”,

    “id” => “contact_page”,

    “type” => “dropdown”,

    “subtype” => “page”),

    array( “name” => “E-Mail adress”,

    “desc” => “Enter the Email adress where mails should be delivered to. (default is ‘”.get_option(‘admin_email’).”‘)”,

    “id” => “email”,

    “type” => “text”,

    “std” => get_option(‘admin_email’)


    array( “type” => “close”)


    $options_page = new kriesi_option_pages($options, $pageinfo);



    Please elaborate – do you receive any contact form mails at all? Did you try contact form plugins like: ? If this plugin doesn’t work too you maybe need to contact your hoster because some hoster restrict the php mail function, etc.




    Thanks a lot! Now is working!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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