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    Hello there,

    I’ve tried many many times to figure out why is my contact form not sending e-mails. It just doesn’t send and e-mail when any field name is changed (translated into czech) in theme options. Otherwise works just fine.

    Does anybody have any clue how to fix it or rename fields and keep it working?

    Thank you so much.


    besides that a happy user!



    You are using version 1.0 of Propulsion. The current version is 1.7 , Please goto Themeforest and login with the account you’ve purchased the original, and download the current version where this issue has been taken care of. Please be aware that an update will overwrite every single file in your current theme, so first please make a backup. If you made customizations to the theme files you will have to reapply them after the update as well as any custom css you may have in custom.css

    In the future please make a child theme so that you will not have to edit your parent theme files.




    Hello Nick,

    thank you for a heads-up! I will do it as soon as possible.

    May I ask how you meant to make propulsion a child theme? Child theme of some other theme? What theme would you recommend?

    Thank you for your support!




    A child theme is basically an easy way to make your current theme ‘the parent’ and create a new folder with one css file inside , place it inside the theme directory next to the parent theme, and designate it as the ‘child’ and then do all your modifications inside the child folder while never touching the original theme (the parent). Every file of the parent can be overridden by the child (except functions.php) This way when you update the parent, the child theme folder is not touched, preserving your modifications.

    You can read more about it




    Thank you for your notes!

    BTW, I have just tried upgrade theme, it did not help. Contact form is still not sending e-mails. Any ideas?

    Thank you,




    Maybe the czech translation introduces some special characters like ř,í,ě, etc.? If yes probably these characters cause the issue because they’re not supported by the contact form atm.

    Best regards,



    Hey Dude,

    yes, that is that problem. I have tried to replace “á” for an entity á and it worked for fieldnames but the content of a message has to be without diacritical marks too which is pretty useless.

    I gonna use Contact Form 7, but it would be great if you would have this problem in mind when coding new version update :-)

    Thank you anyway, guys!



    Hey Sebastian,

    I’ll tag this for Kriesi to take a look at. Contact Form 7 is a really good solution and will actually give you more options than the built in one :)



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