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    I want to change the recipient email address based on user selection of radio or drop down. For example sending an email to the sales department or customer support based on user selection. How can I accomplish this using the Choices theme contact form? Details would be appreciated.


    Hi PixelSaw,

    This would require you to capture the value of the radio button or drop down, and compare it to a preset list of email addresses associated with each possible choice selected. When a value matches an email address the email address needs to be sent to the email class along with the regular message.

    The mail function will also need to be modified to accept an extra value of the email address as well as the various supporting classes. To change or add new email addresses would require going into the code as well. There are other ways of doing this, which won’t be overwritten each time the plugin updates, but they are more involved.

    The class that deals with email is in the plugin folder WooCommerce/classes/class-wc-email.php.

    In my opinion you would need a freelancer to handle such a customization.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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