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    Have do I post to support?

    I have one quick question, I want my clients to download a form but before they do I want them to use the contact form to send me their details.

    Which I have done and linked the form to the submit button, BUT once done the submit button keeps saying submitting with a scrolling effect and doesn’t stop, the form downloads all okay but it looks like there is a problem as the button doesn’t change?

    Please help pulling my hair out on this one..


    Hey Steve!

    Please login before posting technical questions. See here for registering,



    I have logged in…?


    Elliott, I have logged in but I cant find where to submit a technical support question?

    Please can you help on the above?



    You posted in the pre sales form. It looks like your logged in now.

    I’m not really sure I understand the problem though. Can you send us a link to the page with the form?

    Are you trying to customize our contact form so that after someone sends you an email they will be given a download link to a form? You might be able to just add the download link to the form success message.




    That’s just it it doesn’t do it, it downloads the form but the submit button has a scrolling effect that remain and it doesn’t say successful?


    Here is the link

    When you fill in the form the submit button has an animation as if it is sending but remains that way…


    its okay I did a work around and created another page called download and put a button on there…



    Great! Shall we mark the thread as resolved?
    Also, please keep in mind that each time you self post, you are pushing your query to the end of our queue. If your case is urgent, please avoid self posting :)


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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