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    I know this is support for Kreisi’s themes but I figure with all the experienced and intelligent people here someone can help me with this problem. I’ve used the Choices theme to create this site and I need to target a CF7 text field to make it wider and perhaps 2 lines instead of 1. It has a maximum character limit of 160.

    It’s the “Item Description” field on this page:

    Any help would be really greatly appreciated.



    Hi Michael,

    You can add this code in Quick CSS (located in Theme Options > Styling) or the custom.css file (located in the css folder of your theme’s folder):

    #item_description {
    width: 260px;

    or, if the code doesn’t work, use this instead:

    #item_description {
    width: 260px !important;

    Just replace the width value. if you want to use multiple lines, don’t use text, use textarea instead. :)




    Wow thanks so much dude, you’re awesome!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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