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    I’ve searched the forum but can’t seem to find anything regarding this issue.

    We love this theme, and we are definitely very happy with the site that we’ve been able to build using it! We are running into one small issue, however:

    Because we want different forms on multiple pages of the site, we are using Contact Form 7 to build those forms. Usually with this plugin, you can alter the width of the form fields by simply adding, for example, “75/” at the end of the shortcode when creating the form. I’ve never had an issue with this working before, but can’t seem to get it to work with this site. In turn, the form fields are very narrow (almost as if they were in a sidebar).

    I’ve also tried using Firebug, identifying the form field selectors, and adding some CSS to the custom.css file as well, with no effect.

    The contact form that comes with the theme looks just fine, and the message area actually expands to the full width of the content area.

    So, is there anything within the framework that is keeping the Contact Form 7 forms from allowing me to edit their length? I’ve never had an issue before.

    Other than that, again, very happy with the theme. Great work!


    Hey millerwhite,

    We’ll need to take a look at the page(s) that show the issue. Sounds like something in the theme is taking priority in which case we can provide a bit of css to override it.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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