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    Love the theme and for a total novice its been interesting, so thanks for tutorials.


    1. I want to have people send me documents as well as contact details , can I add a browse button for attachments to contact form.

    2. Wanted to have two sets of boxes/ prompts (for customers and then suppliers), can this be done with thin line separator?

    3. Keen to know how to create different size boxes, give them an outline (as white on white now) and title them to create more (as above)

    Thanks for advice and keep up the good work!


    This guys contact form is so detailed and different, maybe I missed that tutorial video!

    anyway hope helps and if you have a masterclass or any more Corona videos, I will try harder to be better and stop annoying you all, lol.



    Coronas contact form is pretty basic and it’s a tricky task to implement all features you mentioned above. I can recommend Formidable which can do everything you requested above (however file uploading is not included in the free edition I think) or Contact Form 7 – it’s not as user friendly and requires some work but is entirely free…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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