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    Thanks for such a great template, you guys are the future of web design and I appreciate all you do! I’m getting a syntax error line 83 when I use @ on my email contact. How should I correctly type it in into the template_contact.php file?


    You don’t need to edit a php file for your contact information – just go to your admin panel > Cleancut Options >Contact form and in the field “E-Mail adress” you type in your email.

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    Also is there any way to create drop tab selection into the fields?

    Thanks for the quick response



    Not by default, if you’re looking for a more complex contact form, consider a plugin such as Contact Form 7 or Gravity Forms.

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    I’m working with Contact Form 7 within the CleanCut template and I’m having problems getting the form to sent to an email. I have researched it for hours now and suggestions of plugins Configure SMTP and WP-Mail-SMTP I still have no luck. Do you think its because Im using godaddy as my server and i need to purchase an SMTP Relay Account in order for it work?


    I need to use WP Mail SMTP and don’t have any problems sending mail. I know that Gravity Forms has no problem working with this plugin but have never tested with Contact Form 7 and I can’t see anything in their FAQ about this.

    Another test is to see if you can receive WordPress emails – try going through password reset to see if an email is delivered – if it isn’t, check the settings on WP Mail SMTP (or try sending a test message from the options page).


    Got it to work Thanks! Now the next problem is having the drop tab content to be displayed in the email. Urr Any ideas this what i have:

    <p>Surface area sq. foot

    [select class:contact_us_css menu-537 include_blank “1” “2” “3”]</p>

    It goes to 1-100 Now if you fill out the form and select a number on drop tab the email doesn’t display it just shows a dash —



    What’s the site URL?

    Which plugin does this shortcode relate to?

    [select class:contact_us_css menu-537 include_blank "1" "2" "3"]




    Got it for Forms CF FORMS II WORKS

    My content in the drop tab is Emailing

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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