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    1) Abudance has a contact defult page layout ( i mean fieldset, that lets viewer to send an email to contact my client). I determined it in Abudace theme options / contact & social stuff. Is it possible to generate this field set on other pages? Not all of them just a couple??

    2) I also need to change currency for several products in my shop into euros. Most of pruducts that we sell is in Polish currency prices and i want keep it that way. Is it possible to present prices for just few pruducts in defferent currency than the one i determinated in Wocommerce general settings?


    Hi Alante,

    I think for number 1, you might have better luck using a plugin like to integrate the forms into other areas. The default form uses a page template and would limit what you could do for each page that has the contact form.

    For number 2, there is an extension for WooCommerce that might help you out:




    Hey, I just found at one of Your post an answer to my first question. I used contact form 7 plug-in. It works fine. Sorry for my clumsiness.

    I just need help with the socond problem.

    Thanks and sorry again.


    Sorry but the second link that you pasted is the same as first one (to contact form plug-in), i don’t think that you meant that did you??


    Hello Alante,

    Sorry about that! I definitely did not mean to confuse you with two of the same links. I’ve updated the post just now with the proper link to the WooCommerce extension. Its a widget addition so not quite exactly what you are looking for maybe, but its the closest solution I can think of.




    Oh, I think it might be usefull anyway :)

    Thank You for Your help !!

    best regards

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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