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    Hi all,

    I am confused between difference in adding images to “media” versus “portfolio”. I am have uploaded a group of photos to media, but cannot get them to show up on the home page slider. I also need to keep them grouped under their own section and thought it would be easy enough to give them their own page, which would seem to be gallery, but this isn’t coming together either. I want all of the images to show in the frontpage slider as well. Sounds simple enough but I am more lost than a girl scout without a compass! haha

    What am I doing wrong? Would really appreciate any help. Thanks!


    Hi liszadarling,

    Its easiest if you work from the end of the process and this is all using the meta box under the visual editor and not adding images through the wordpress Add Media button .

    Start by creating your individual portfolio items. These will be your groups of images under a single topic. So on each “portfolio item” page you can have lots of images but it would be one “item”.


    Now that you have a portfolio item you can create a portfolio which is a group of the individual items showing only the first image from each portfolio item:

    For each individual page you can also choose to have a specific background slideshow. Using the meta box under the visual editor add your slideshow images and then using the slideshow options choose background slider only to choose that specific slideshow as the background.

    So whatever page you have defined as the homepage would need to have its individual slideshow defined on that page.

    You can also set a default site-wide slideshow from the main theme options.




    Thanks Devin, this is super helpful. I am still having trouble with several areas, but I will try the above before I ask them to save us both time. Thanks!


    Okay, so I am still stuck and getting more frustrated by the minute. I have already spent 3 full days trying to get this all to work and it’s still not working right, so this theme is not as easy as you guys claim it is, so I really need help here.

    At your direction above, I created a portfolio page and named it Birds, uploading all of my images for that page. I selected “images” as my category for this page. I have then indicated that I want shop to be the parent to images. Nothing is showing up, and neither are any items in the portfolio when I go to look at my home page on the site. It’s not showing up like a portfolio page with 3 columns either like you gave me as an example above either.

    I have read, re-read, watched and re-watched the video tutorials provided with the purchase of this theme. I feel like I have followed all of the directions to set up the site, but none of it’s working.

    I currently have two groups of images uploaded as two separate portfolio entries as you indicated I should do, but they are not accessible when I view my home page or try to get to them by clicking on the menu items. Nothing is coming up under shop either.

    I need this site to:

    1) Allow me to set up groups of images that will have names

    2) Allow those same images to appear in the home page as a combined slideshow

    3) Allow me to have those same images be the products for people to shop and purchase

    4) Allow me to remove “recent comments”, “archives” and “categories” from the left sidebar; it will not let me edit any menus at all right now.

    Why have the gallery management tutorial (which I did earlier this morning) if that is not the way I should set up my images? Makes no sense, and for me, is just causing me serious confusion on how to set this site up.

    I’ve been doing web design for some time, so part of my frustration is that I can’t get to work because of the conflicting way to set up the images.

    I really would appreciate help here. The website is If you need more info on access to help me fix it, please let me know because I cannot keep spending fruitless time trying to get this working.

    Thank you.



    I’m sorry but what you try to accomplish is not possible – not only with our theme but probably any other WooCommerce theme won’t work for you too.

    1) Allow me to set up groups of images that will have names

    Our theme does not support groups of images but you can attach/add images to entries (posts, portfolio entries, etc.). If you want to group images I’d use a gallery plugin like: – this plugin even enables you to display several groups of images on one page by using the gallery shortcode.

    2) Allow those same images to appear in the home page as a combined slideshow

    If you’re using the nextgen gallery plugin you can use the shortcode to display the image galleries/groups on all pages – including the homepage.

    3) Allow me to have those same images be the products for people to shop and purchase

    That’s not easily possible. You can sell digital products with WooCommerce but you need to re-upload all images (or pack them into zip files) because WooCommerce does not come with a Nextgen gallery integration and also the theme image slideshows/galleries can’t be used as products. Basically you need to a) create a nextgen gallery which holds your preview thumbnails, etc. – you can embed this gallery anywhere on your website – even on the product page, homepage, etc. and b) you need to set up a digital product which points to the images/files you want to sell (images with high quality, etc.).

    If you don’t want to sell digital files/images/products you need to create a simple product (or variable product if you want to sell different photo sizes, etc.) – in this case you can use the gallery shortcode inside the product description to display the gallery above the “Add to cart” button.

    4) Allow me to remove “recent comments”, “archives” and “categories” from the left sidebar; it will not let me edit any menus at all right now.

    These widgets are dummy widgets. They’ll disappear when you add a widget into the right sidebar area (Appearance > Widgets). If you want to remove them open up wp-contentthemesflashlightsidebar-right.php and delete following code:



    Hey Dude,

    Thanks for all of the info. This is very disappointing because your theme is really cool and both my client and loved the layout. It also seemed that the images she plans to sell on the site could have easily been set up in a gallery, using the gallery management tool, and then those same images would go in the slideshow for the home page. It doesn’t sound like your theme offers the functionality it portrays itself to be able to, so given that, how can I get a refund for my client? I cannot spend more time trying to figure out how to make this work for her and I clearly can’t figure out the functionality of this theme to be able to use it properly, so I obviously cannot use it as intended when I purchased it for her. Thanks.



    We can’t issue refunds but you can try to contact the Envato support team: – Envato is your contract partner and they’re also able to issue refunds.



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