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    Hi, please can you assist me.

    I want my main slideshow to display in full width format. However, I would like my individual post slideshows to display a given width and height. I can easily change the dimensions as required in the editor section but for some reason the slideshow automatically creates a tiled effect to fill the full-width space – I am sure there is an easy way around this by selecting the right options in the right places but I am a bit confused.




    Please help as soon as possible. Sorry to be rude but I am pulling my hair out here. For some reason, the images on my main slideshow have now reduced in size. Help, help, help! Thank you.


    I may not have explained myself properly. This is what I am trying to do.

    Main Slideshow on the homepage – full-width images 850px x 450px

    Page and Portfolio Slideshows – set width images 500px x 333px

    Is this possible?



    It’s currently not possible to give every slideshow a different size. You can change the width of the small version and you can change the width of the fullwidth version but it’s not possible to change the dimensions on an individual basis. Like I posted here: you can only change the thumbnail/image generation parameters.


    ok. thank you so much for your help, I understand. BTW, is there a tutorial or step by step instruction that shows you how to create the exact look of the Habitat example which I have purchased??

    Thanks again for your help and quick responce. ;-)



    did you already install the dummy content? Go to Habitat Options and select the “import data” checkbox. Then click on save and the demo content installer will import all sample posts, etc, in your system.




    one quick question. If I import the dummy data now that I have created my pages and posted images. Will it effect what I have already done?



    I would make a database backup before (i.e. with: ) – the dummy option shouldn’t affect your existing content but it’s always good to have a fallback solution.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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