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    Hi guys are there conditional style sheets set so I can target internet explorer 7, 8, 9?

    Basically in ie9 the menu items padding or margin are out slightly and in ie7 and ie8 fonts aren’t showing up properly (and the padding/margin issue)

    Thanks in advance



    Hi ruseld,

    You can target each browser specifically as there is a browser named class at the start of every page. So for IE8 for example you would use:

    .msie8 .someotherclass{
    margin: 5px




    Thanks this worked a treat.

    Is there a list of all the browsers you can target? Would mind tweaking firefox too :)

    Thanks again



    lol, just tried .firefox on the of chance and it worked… you make things far too easy :)

    If you could still get a list of class’s for the others browsers that would be amazing




    Yes, this new technique makes it easy to fix an issue for different browsers. You can see it easily by inspecting element and look for <html class>, it will change for different browsers.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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