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    I have created a portfolio category called “Showcase” with the slug “showcase”.

    I have a blank page called “Venue Showcase” with the slug “venues”

    In Avisio Options -> Portfolio I have selected the “Venue Showcase” page for portfolio 1. Other settings are 4 columns with 12 entries per page. I have also chosen a single category to show which is “Showcase”.

    On the live site when I click on the Venue Showcase link it takes me to..

    …and then lists my portfolio options. All well and good so far.

    I select an option and it sends me to…<portfolio item permalink/

    Personally, i’d prefer it to be…<portfolio item permalink> or even<permalink&gt; but I can’t get it to work, yet it works fine using the display theme, but not with Avisio.

    Am I doing something really stupid?


    I see the same “problem” on my own demo site. The portfolio in Avisio uses Custom Post Types to allow you greater flexibility with the way you add and manage portfolio entries, Display doesn’t do this in the same way.

    This issue is something you can’t fix without creating a custom page template which pulls in posts from the portfolio post type and would require significant modification to the theme to do this.

    There is a ticket open in WordPress Support relating to this issue -> so changes may be made in future version of WordPress.


    Ok thanks for your input..

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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