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    I am having serious layout and css issues through the whole theme when trying to have woo commerce work with it.

    has anybody managed to use both?

    It looks like some places are missing either closing divs or the templating system from woo commerce is not picking any of the templates made in Eonia.

    Are you able to use woocommerce on your site?


    I basically can t figure out how to assign a page template to any item for sale.

    I create a blank page and assign it fullwidth then in woocommerce tell it to use that page as a template and I get a page with minimum css and a sidebar under the content.


    I did some more testing and the same problem is in the Corona theme. the individual product page does not seem to pick any template and gives a page without the main area and no background and adds a default sidebar but below the content.

    All the other pages work fine…cart, shop, etc

    That problem is not there on twenty eleven and other themes. Could it be the framework?


    I wish you would allow posts to be edited for the first 24hrs…anyway here is what I meant.

    The css is gone no matter what page I set in woocommerce as the page template. The default sidebar appears below and the ‘main’ area white background isn t there.This ONLY happens on a product page, all the other pages of woocommerce work and look great in the theme


    Eunoia and Corona are not WooCommerce ready. All TF themes which are compatible with WooCommerce are listed here: and as you can see it’s just a handful compared to the total number of available themes. Kriesi offers 3 WooCommerce themes, namely Propulsion, Flashlight and Abundance. The only reason why WooCommerce works with TwentyTen/Eleven is that these themes are considered as “default” wordpress themes and the woocommerce devs decided to support them out of the box.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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