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    Hi, I’m trying to tag pictures on my site, been trying out several different plugins now but something in the theme seems to be conflicting with the plugins. The plugins I tried are (Demon image annotation plugin) (Fototag)

    Where do I go to disable the javascript image slider that is built into the Expose theme? Thanks in advance.


    Hi wnap2012,

    Are you receiving any specific errors when you enable these plugins?




    Hey Mya,

    When I enable the demon plugin the images show the option to tag but the form for username and comment, which should show up, doesn’t. For the Fototag plugin the tags show up well enough in preview mode, but when I embed in the posts and publish they don’t display.

    The code I use to embed Fototag looks like this:

    It just doesn’t seem to show up for some reason. The Fototag documentation does say that “FotoTag might not work on photos which has other JavaScript code that interacts with it, like photos in a JavaScript slider.”

    Thanks in advance


    Sorry, the code looks like :

    img src=”http://********.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/vaios-1.jpg” class=”fototag” id=”vaio”



    Can you post a link please. Maybe it’s a simple css issue (z-index value adjustment). If this is the case we can help you otherwise please contact the plugin author.




    Hi, the link is at the image in question is the image right after the video. I am trying to use the Fototag plugin for captions for that laptop image. The documentation for the plugin can be found here, if its any help.


    The FotoTag plugin works fine for me (I see the fields, the description popups, etc.). I think you just want to deactivate the lightbox hover effect right? You have two possibilities:

    1) Deactivate the lightbox effect for all images – open up js/custom.js and delete following code:

    // activates the lightbox page
    my_lightbox("a[rel^='prettyPhoto'], a[rel^='lightbox']",true);

    2) Deactivate the lightbox for specific images – add following class to the image link: class=”noLightbox” – eg on this page replace:

    <a href=""><img src="" alt="" title="vaios-1" width="600" height="393" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-9874" />


    <a href="" class="noLightbox"><img src="" alt="" title="vaios-1" width="600" height="393" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-9874" />


    hey Peter,

    thanks for the detailed reply. Unfortunately when you went to the link and saw the image shown with tags, it was actually done using another (working already) plugin. The plugin that I’m having problems with is fototag and the picture in the post now is the correct one.

    The code that the Fototag plugin originally generates is:

    (img src=”” />

    As per your instructions, I tried modifying it to

    (a href=”” class=”noLightbox”>(img src=”” class=”fototag” id=”vaio” />

    and that is what is currently being displayed in the post right now, underneath the video. However, the tags from Fototag don’t seem to be showing. For your convenience, here is the link again : . I have yet to try the other method you mentioned, will probably try it as a last resort.

    Btw, thanks for your quick responses on all my posts



    Which browser are you using? The plugin seems to work on Win7 with FF: 1g53ia.png




    hey Peter,

    I am using Chrome on Windows 7, and yes I see your screenshot . When was this screenshot taken? What you see there is actually the output from another tagging plugin which does work. I’m sorry for the confusion. I forgot to take it off and replace it with the Fototag image (tags not showing) before posting here. I’ve replaced it now.

    This page shows the specific style I am trying to implement and the raw code for it. Again sorry for the confusion.



    Please activate the plugin on your website and I’ll check if I can find any js/css errors/conflicts.

    Best regards,



    Hi Peter,

    The plugin is activated, I checked just to be sure.

    Thanks in advance


    Hi wnap2012,

    There are a few javascript errors coming up relating to the socialize plugin and the fototag plugin. It looks like the fototag plugin isn’t loading in jquery.js before the other scripts.

    I’m not sure how to force wordpress to re-order which scripts from plugins get loaded first but that looks like what needs to happen.




    Hi Devin, can you give the details? I have found a solution (a plugin) that changes the load order of plugins. Fototag now loads first. However, the plugin still doesn’t seem to be showing. Also, I am not running the socialize plugin. The social plugins I am running are Social Login and the sharing feature that is built into wordpress.

    Thanks a lot



    No, you need to load FotoTag AFTER jquery.js.

    Best regards,



    Hey, thanks. I eventually decided not to use the Fototag plugin for other reasons, but just out of curiousity…which file would I go into to change the load order? I’m still a bit of a beginner especially to wordpress.



    Hi wnap2012,

    I’m not really sure actually. Its not an issue I’ve ever come across. Normally plugins load their scripts/css into a hook that comes at the very end of the head which gets rid of these kinds of issues. But not all plugins are created equally and for technical reasons a plugin author may do things differently.



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