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    I’m having some css issues on my site. If I activate nextgen plugin then on my homepage the names of my portfolios disappear.

    I know it has something to do with: .slideshow_caption .inner_caption on slideshow.css.

    I’m sure it’s easy to fix but I have not clue… :(

    site: http://www.tuhoy.com/

    Thanks a lot.



    in your slideshow.css file you can remove the with from this line:

    .big_image .slideshow_caption{

    If width is the only thing between the brackets you can remove this piece in it’s entirety

    In this case I think you can remove this:

    .big_image .slideshow_caption {
    width: 520px;


    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for your help. The caption is showing up now. But as the width is not specified anymore, the caption background takes the size of the text so every picture has a different caption background. I’d like to keep the width fixed, especially for the big slider on my homepage.

    on slideshow.css file I can see 3 different size : medium_image, big_image and small_image.

    I don’t use medium anywhere. Maybe you can help me to “call” medium_image instead of big_image on those particular thumbnails. Like that I can specified a width for big_image for my slideshow and another width for medium_image for my thumbnails.

    Thanks again.



    I think you can open up your slideshow.css and find

    .slideshow_caption .inner_caption

    below this (after the closing brackets) you can create a new one – add:

    .post-entry .slideshow_caption .inner_caption{width:150px;}

    This should change the captions of slideshows in post entries to be 150px wide and it should leave your top images untouched.


    Hi Chris,

    THANKS! You fixed my problem. My site will be ready very soon (still have minor issues but not related to the theme itself).

    Support is great here!


    Glad that Chris could help you :)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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