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    Hi, just loaded up Communizine, and can’t find out how I change the menu’s. I’m only going to use the Blogging feature (posts) of the template, and I’m customizing the look to be similar to our regular site, so that I can have the same Menus.

    Can you tell me how I do that? The Menu option in WordPress says that custom menu’s are not available for this template.




    Communizine doesn’t support the WP3 menu feature. You can create the menu by ordering the pages. The page editor offers an option field called “Page Attributes”. There you csn select if the page is a mainpage or a sub page (if a parent page is set). If you set a parent page the current page will appear as sub menu item (dropdown item).


    Sorry, that won’t work for me. I guess it’s a waste for my uses. I can’t use if I can’t alter the menu structure. Any way to get a refund?




    I feel sorry this doesn’t work for you. To get a refund you can contact Envato/Themeforest, they’re your contract partner.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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