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    Hi guys

    I bought Eunoia theme and this theme is really beautiful and the best theme for my blog.

    I’m editing my blog and I see that my comments don’t appear on the bottom of my posts. Very embarassing with 20 comments on a few posts

    Can you help me to show comments ?

    Thanks for your help !




    So let me understand. Visitors to your website can leave posts with no problems. But only you have a problem doing that with the posts not showing up? First time I hear of such a problem which makes me believe the problem lies somewhere else. Can you please log off as admin, then go to the page where you want to leave a comment and leave one but do not log in and leave it as the admin of the site.

    What plugins do you have installed. please uninstall ALL of them and clear your cache and try leaving the comment logged in as admin now.




    Thanks Nick,

    Exactely visitors can leave comments but they don’t see theirs.

    Well, I uninstall all my plugins (it means no plugins on my blog ^^) and i clear the cache. I left a comment as admin and leave another comment as a visitor : comments don’t show :(

    I tried with another templates and comments show up



    Would you update please to the latest version of WordPress you are 2 versions behind. After doing so, Please post the content of /includes/loop-post.php on and drop a link here.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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