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    Shoutbox has a widget: “A widget that displays your popular posts, recent posts, recent comments and a tagcloud”

    Two questions:

    Can I have only popular and recent posts? No tags, No comments?

    Can I have popular and recent posts by category?

    Thank you




    I was checking the widgets. If I can not modify the combo widget… how can I create a popular widget similar to Widget Shoutbox Latest News?

    Thank you again




    I can only give you hints here because the exact steps are beyond the scope of this support forum.

    Duplicate the newsbox widget class in shoutboxframeworkphpclass-framework-widgets.php , rename the widget class/function, register the new widget in functions.php and to the query strings of the new “newsbox class” add following parameter:



    Hello Dude

    Thank you.

    One quick question. The solution you suggest is based on comments or hits. I want to order my posts based on how many times an post is clicked by the users.

    Finally, any plugin recommendation? I am not an expert.

    Thank you



    You can try: – it sounds great but I haven’t used it yet :)


    Not absolutely sure if my question is the same as yours or not so I’ll ask.

    I need to remove Tags and Comments from the tabbed Combo Widget in the Shoutbox theme. Client has asked to replace those with other things such as using her recent tweets or social icons. Possible?

    Just a thought maybe for future versions – make this box really customizable like being able to pick and choose what you want to use in these tabs.




    I tried this and seems to be working:

    To remove the Tags tab I went to:


    and commented this out (by inputting these “//” which were not there previously):

    //echo ‘<div class=”tab last_tab widget_tab_tags”><span>’.__(‘Tags’, ‘avia_framework’).'</span></div>’;

    //echo “<div class=’tab_content tagcloud’>”;


    //echo “</div>”;

    The Tags tab disappeared after uploading the commented out version :)


    Glad that you found the solution :)


    Ok — back to this — please tell me how to remove the avatars from the comments tab in the combo widget. She only wants links to the posts, no avatars. I commented this out but that didn’t do the trick:

    //if($avatar == “yes”) $output .= ‘<div class=”tweet-thumb”></div>’;

    // $output .= ‘<div class=”tweet-text avatar_’.$avatar.'”>’.$message;



    Try following css code:

    .tab_content .news-content .news-thumb{

    display: none;


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