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    I’m building a site with Flashlight for a photographer. We have 3 categories of images. I’ve created separate Portfolio posts for each category. These are each displayed with the Gallery Layout set to “As background slider only”. Additionally, I’d like to include a full portfolio page which shows all the images in the 3 separate galleries combined with a Flexible Grid Gallery layout without having to upload duplicates of all those images. I’d like that page to pull the existing images from those 3 categories, essentially embedding those 3 Portfolio Items into a single new Portfolio Item.

    Is this possible?




    You can experiment on template builder. You can pull out post and pages to a slideshow if you want.




    Thanks for the reply. Could you clarify a little? How would one “pull out post and pages to a slideshow”?


    What I’m actually working with, though, is template-masonry.php. Flexible grid layout.


    Hi acymru,

    As far as getting all of the images display, you might want to try putting all your images into 2 categories. The first being their individual type and the second being a general category. Then, you can have a page for each separately and one to display them all.




    Yes, that’s the simple approach, but it requires maintaining multiple sets of the same images, which isn’t particularly efficient. That’s the heart of my question.


    Images can be in multiple categories so you would not need to have doubles. Ex, you can have a portfolio item named Cars in the category of Cars AND Featured. Then you can have a page display only Cars AND only Featured which will display that same portfolio item in it. If you then have an item in the category Trucks AND Featured it would be in both Featured and Trucks but NOT in Cars unless you wanted it to be.



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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