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    I’m doing another website with Corona and this time the column shortcode doesn’t bring the pop up window where I input my data. It works fine on my other site though. Any ideas?


    Hi metropolitandetail,

    What exactly happens? Do you receive an error message? Or does nothing happen when you click the button – no error, no window? Do you have any plugins installed that may be interfering with the shortcodes?




    its a clean install of the corona theme on a new website I’m working on and there’s no plugins installed! it just doesn’t do anything when i click it!


    it looks like the shorcode button doesn’t work for ANY shortcodes!



    The only solution I can see is to download corona theme file again and reload it on your themes folder.




    If I do this, will all my progress be lost?





    Any customizations you’ve made to template files (except for custom.css) would be lost unless you make backups. As far as the theme settings, there’s a file within the Corona zip called wpml-config.xml. Do not overwrite this file on your server and your theme settings should remain as is.




    If there perhaps another solution before I have to do this? I just realized the wordpress I have installed on the new site is an older version (3.1) does this have something to do with it?


    Hi metropolitandetail,

    WordPress being an older version may be the problem. You should be able to easily upgrade WordPress’ core to the latest version without losing your customizations. I would make a backup of your database first just to be safe.



Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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