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    I selected background colour dark blue, and the drop cap colour used to coincide with the same blue. But now the drop cap is a red colour, and so is the “search” box. This occurs on each page…….

    How can I change these to be the same blue as the background?



    open up style2.css and search for following code:

    body, .dropcap2, .dropcap3, .dynamicBg, .button, #top .pagination a:hover{

    Change the background color as you like – WP3.1. breaks the bg color feature so you must adjust it manually at the moment :)


    Thanks, Dude!!!!!


    Hey again,

    I looked in editor, under templates and I can only see “style.css” not “style2.css”

    Is this the same thing?


    No – you musrt use a ftp software to download style2.css. However if you like to use style.css just insert following code at the very bottom:

    body, .dropcap2, .dropcap3, .dynamicBg, .button, #top .pagination a:hover{
    background:#8b1a1a !important;


    Okay. I’m not sure how to use ftp software. I entered the code as you suggested, and changed the colour to the one I had before (#242a33), and it worked perfectly!

    Could you recommend a good book on learning html?

    Thanks for your continued support and help!


    It’s hard to recommend a book but I love books from o’reilly : – i.e. like:


    okay, Thanks!


    Glad that I could help you :)

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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