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    One question please, when I modify the color with any text, for instance with kind of orange color, it doesn’t work all along the same text. for an example, please have a look here :

    The black text is supposed to be orange, by the same way than the first sentence “des journalistes, des réalisateurs, des photographes”. Please, could you help me to know why ?




    You are asking about very basic web design for which you should know html and css. if you have no idea how to use them to style and create your content, my answer will not mean very much to you. I suggest that you take 2 hours and watch a tutorial on youtube in your native language. I found this basic css tutorial in French where on first page it explains how to style your text in different colors. Here is a wordpress tutorial in french .

    This is the html, and the classes are defined in separate css file that styles the html

    <p class ="my-paragraph-class">hello this is a paragraph whose style is controlled by 2 css classes and <style class="class-my-red-words">this is written in red</style> while the beginning and end are in blue color</p>

    This below is css which defines the classes which can be added to any html tag. you invent the name, and you add the styles. or you use what came with the theme, pre made styles. You add CSS to Quick Css. area in admin section.

    #top .my-paragraph-class {
    #top .class-my-red-words {




    Right, thank you.




    Glad it worked. Thanks to Nick. :)



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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