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    I have a problem at with the color strip image under the menu bar. I have set it to bubbles.png but when I activated the Text widget in the sidebar, bubbles.png disappeared and left me with a plain blue box. Not ideal as I’d customised bubbles.png with the site’s tagline.

    If I take any widgets out of the sidebar and let the theme use default widgets, all is fine, but the client wants to socialise and monetise the site so I need to be able to use Text and other widgets.

    At the moment the site is still in initial build and I haven’t installed any plugins whatsoever so it can’t be a plugin clash.

    Any suggestions?




    Anyone trying to view this site… having problems with transferring nameservers so it’s currently offline.



    The site’s down for me at the moment, if you can provide the IP address the A record points to I can add it to my hosts file and check it now.



    Hi James

    IP address is

    It’s hosted with CrazyDomains inAustralia but the domain was registered initially with Have changed the nameservers but it’s still not working properly. Sigh. If you’d like to email me sabrina(@) I can give you login details.

    Kind regards



    Site seems to be running again but still not displaying the bubbles.png. Only plugin I’m running right now is the latest version of Contact Form 7. Very bemusing.



    I’ve had a look over the site and suspect there is a JS conflict causing the problems, the JS is being added by your Text Widget…

    If you add a standard Text Widget and remove the Mail Chimp text widget (drag it to inactive widgets at the bottom of the widgets page to disable it but not delete the content) I assume everything works again?

    If this is the case you won’t be able to use the mail chimp widget as it is, and will need to remove the JS references in the code. This should still function correctly but won’t validate the email address entered before sending the data over to MC.



    Hi James

    It is actually just a text widget running the mailchimp signup code. I’ve taken out the javascript and it still seems to work (phew!!!) Page is looking great now.





    Glad that you solved the problem :)

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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