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    I’m having 2 minor problems with the colors on my page

    1. First, i changed the color of the page titles like home, webshop, hoe bestellen ? etc with this in my custom css

    <code> {
    color: #f71888 !important;

    Every title changes execpt the on on the nieuws page (blog). Any idea how i can change this ?

    2. I want to change the tect color of the prices in my webshop. In Woocommerce settings i go to the general tab and there i can change primary, secondary, etc color, but when i pick another color and save my page, the default color is back. How can i change the color ofmy prices for example ?




    Can you give us a link the page blog?

    You can change the price color by adding this code on your custom.css

    ‘.price, .amount {

    color: red!important;





    thanks Ismael, works !

    the blog is at


    ok i sort it out, getting used to firebug :)

    Code: a {
    color: #f71888 !important;

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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