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    Hi ! I try to setup a Flashlight site and I wonder if is it possible to use only a color instead of setting a background image into the Default Background Image Gallery or into the page ? I know I can make a “image color” in photoshop and use it as background but I would like to know is it possible to “don’t use image” to make this.

    Second question, I would like to put a color (black) below the left bar menu (between the “copyright-RSS-Facebook logo” and the “play-pause-hide sidebar”). By default this part is semi-transparentm but is it possible to change it to black ?


    Re. the background colour: if you just specify background colour under Flashlight general settings but no background image or background slideshow, wouldn’t that give you the effect you want? If there’s an image in there you can go to ‘upload’, find the image and delete it. Save all changes on that screen and close it and save all changes. I think that should work?


    Thanks fellfromgrace, that work !

    But I still need some help for my second question…

    I would like to put black color below the entire menu vertical stripe.

    (the highlighted yellow part in the screen-capture below).

    It is possible to have some help from support team ?

    Thanks !




    Add following code to css/custom.css and change the color value as you like:

    background: #000;

    Best regards,


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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