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    Hi guys,

    Just cracking Coalition out of the box, and really impressed with the ease & look. Finding a bit of frustration creating a couple of elements I liked in the demo though. The main one is the color block that floats alongside headings in the one page portfolio, color-coded to the menu item it corresponds to. I’m not sure how I create this element, whether there is a module in the dashboard or whether I need to enter a bit of css..




    Hi Mike,

    You’ll need to use the Page Section element in your One Page Portfolio template to signify each page area and color. So in the sample one created with the dummy data, it goes Page Section,Text Area, Slideshow, Post/Page Content, Horizontal Ruler, Text Area and then a new Page Section which starts the Portfolio and its content.

    Inside that element is your options for Section name, color and link behavior. Just change the color inside there :)


    Hi Devin,

    Thanks for your reply.

    The colors I have selected in the Page Section elements nicely highlight the corresponding menu items, but the little scrolling block isn’t generated from this. Is there another option I need to check?


    Can you elaborate please? If you mean the “Scroll to top” bar – it will only appear if the sidebar exceeds the browser/viewport height because the sidebar will be fixed in this case and won’t scroll with the content area on the right anymore. As a compensation the user can use the “Scroll to top” button which helps him to jump to the main menu again.



    I was also just looking for that little scrolling thing aside the text area ;-)

    It´s automatically created when you choose in the One Page Portfolio Element “Text Area” >> Text Styling >> Blockquote Style (left aligned).

    It will not be displayed when you choose >>Blockquote Style (centered) or in the Paragraph Style.

    I hope I could help.



    Yes – however the top link will be inside the content area and not underneath the menu in this case.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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