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    When the home page is loaded, I want the main navigational menu to be in the collapsed mode (as if the user had already clicked the “hide sidebar and content” link). They can always go and click the expand button, but I’d like the site to load with the menu collapsed. Is this possible?

    Thanks in advance!



    you can add a jquery trigger event for this task. It’s not a perfect solution because you need to use a static time interval and this can cause issues (e.g. if the client js code processing is too slow, etc.) but better than nothing. Open up js/avia.js and replace:

    avia_item_fade({items: '.preview_image', hover: '.post-entry'});


    avia_item_fade({items: '.preview_image', hover: '.post-entry'});

    setTimeout(function () {
    }, 600);

    You can replace 600 with an higher or lower value – however lower values may cause problems (because the gallery function requires some time for the initialisation).


    Dude –

    That works perfectly.. exactly what I wanted!

    Would you know if there is a way to also put a delay, so that the menu reappears after 5 seconds or so. Thank you so much!


    You can add the code a second time and use an higher delay value (e.g. 5000ms = 5 seconds)


    Imma bring life to this thread, as it covers exaclty what im trying to do..BUT…is it possible to achieve that Menu bar dissapears ONLY on Home page?


    Mortus, I just posted this question and came up with a solution although it seems to have one bug for me. Take a look at the last two entries on this thread: (Purchase code hidden if logged out)(Purchase code hidden if logged out) -on-landing-page

    Maybe it will work for you.



    thank you, Samantha :)

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