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    Getting a broken icon image on the portfolio thumbnail images (this only happens in chrome, FF doesn’t show the broken image icon). It looks like the greyscale images being generated are named: “/imageTitle.001-448×330-greyscale.jpg” on the server, but are referenced on the site as such: “/imageTitle-greyscale.001-448×330.jpg”

    The same problem exists in the dummy data portfolio section. I just downloaded the theme a couple days ago so i should have the newest version. Hoping to get info on where I fix the appended “greyscale” text or in the mean time turn off the greyscale option all together. I know in previous theme this was an option through the portfolio options, but it’s not available in coherence.


    Ok.. after posting it became obvious what the issue was :) There was a “.” in the file name prior to the “.jpg”. picTitle.001.jpg . Remove the “.” and that solved the issue. So anyone who runs into this make sure you don’t have a “.” in your image name before the extension. May be for a future update, I would suggest splicing the image name based on the first period from the end versus the beginning… if in fact that is the cause of the issue.


    Hey vree,

    Thank you for posting your fix. I had not run into this myself but I’ll check it out and send over the bug to Kriesi as well as your fix :)



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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