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    Am having a number of issues with IE8 that I need some help with, most notably is a speed issue.

    This issue is mostly when browsing the Navigation menus.

    Is there a fix? This seems to only be the case in IE8 as I have checked the other browser and it worked fine.

    Here it the link:


    I just wanted add that in IE8 the coherence theme is NOT responsive.

    This is could be a separate issue to above, or part for the same as above


    Also just to add to the issues i am having with IE8:

    On the 404 error page. the search box is miss aligned.

    Could this be a bug?


    IE8 does not support CSS3 media queries.

    See here :

    follow the respond.js link and you should be able to set it up.


    Thanks for that @radugidei

    Does anybody have suggestions regarding the dreadful speed issues?



    Did you try to deactivate all third party plugins? Maybe one causes your IE8 issues? Personally I can’t test the website with a native IE8 installation but it works fine with IE9 (set to IE8 browser mode).

    Best regards,


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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