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    Hello. I am writing to ask for your help in the theme Coherence

    1) I installed this plugin for advanced search: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) /

    2) I have created a widget to the sidebar, and I entered the search filter for plungin created with that

    3) Inside the template “Coherence”, the form of the filter are displayed with a very large margin top and bottom, but the same form installed on the theme “Twenty Twelve” has no margins so high. That plugin has its own style sheet but also changing it can not solve the problem. I also tried to paste those styles in custom.css, but the result is the same: I can not delete those margins.

    4) This means that the filter for the search (and its forms) created with that template plungin inherit some styles of Coherence. I worked many hours using FireBug Mozilla to understand what are the styles that inherits but I can not find any. I worked really long. I studied:

    – Base.css (lines 208-268)

    – Layout.css (lines 477-578)

    I can not solve.

    5) The only thing that I could not fit is the width of the main container that contains the form that I created with the plugin, and you point out the style because, perhaps, it might be useful (layout.css, line 509)

    aqsfformid select #, # aqsfformid. ajax_form. select, # aqsfformid. entry-content select, # aqsfformid. mobileMenu {

    min-width: 100%;


    The site I installed it locally, and I can not show the link.

    Can you, please, give me some help? I’m going crazy!


    The only way I can cancel those margins is working on the select (in custom.css), insert negative values. In this way:

    . awqsf_box select {



      min-width: 232px;


    “select” is inherited from Layout.css and Base.css.

    In Base.css “select” has the property margin-bottom: 20px (line 218).

    Unfortunately, in Safari I have a problem because it happens that it moves the sensitive area, corresponding to the button to the right of the form, for the appearance of the drop-down menu.

    Can you help me, it’s very important.

    Thanks in advance.


    Hi glhu,

    Without seeing it live there isn’t much we can do. Generally, the widget class selector has 30px of padding on the top and bottom, so you could try removing it for that specific widget. You would just need the ID for it and you could then overwrite it with that.

    Something like:

    `#top #yourwidgetID.widget {

    padding-top: 10px;

    padding-bottom: 10px;





    Thanks for your reply but I think this plugin has some problem.

    I’ve post a topic to this link: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -advance-search-query-filter?replies=1#post-111112



    We’ll close this thread now to avoid cross-posting.



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