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    Hi Kriesi,

    We really like the theme we will be using it in a personal website but the problem is it isnt responsive. do you have an update version of the theme where it is responsive? or do you have any very close and similar theme like ?

    looking forward to hear from you.



    Hi Hanz!

    Thank you for contacting us!

    Our latest theme is Enfold which is also the most powerful, flexible and user-friendly one we have ever created.

    It is fully responsive and you can choose to display header on the side as you can see on Photography demo. You can also add Anchor points just like Coalition theme.

    We would definitely recommend Enfold over Coalition as we will probably not be adding responsive layout to Coalition any time soon or ever, to be honest :)

    If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us again

    Best regards,



    thanks for the response. do you have any sample or demo for the single page navigation?
    what we like about the coalition is it targets anchors on a single page so that we dont need to load each pages.
    we wanted to see how it works and if it suites our need.
    we wanted to use it as CV.





    Unfortunately, we do not have one page example for side menu layout but you can check out how it work in this example – Please firstly click on the arrow on the bottom. You can choose to display header before scrolling down as well :)

    Best regards,



    Hi Yigit,

    I’m about to buy the theme. there is one last question i need answer to.
    is the theme supports center logo?

    the header needs to be like below:
    [menu items on left] [big logo overflow the menu div] [menu items on right]



    im refering to the enfold theme by the way.
    i just wanna make sure I can easily do the header part which has a big center logo



    Please check out demos and the header areas as below:

    We can also help you with any small modifications you might need!




    thanks for the response.
    i’ve seen the demos but it doesnt have the header that i needed.

    I need a big centered logo in between the main menu items.
    [menu] [menu] [menu] [LOGO] [menu] [menu] [menu]



    The header style is possible but it will require a few custom css modifications. In fact, there are a few inquiries about it here in the forum but I can’t find it yet. Anyway, we highly recommend the Enfold theme because of the advance layout builder and a few other options.


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