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    I have a 3 image slideshow on a page:

    I have the slideshow set to open Lightbox when clicked. Now, the slideshow works perfectly, but when you click on an image to open it in Lightbox, it shows 6 images instead of 3.

    My client wants to know what’s happening. I really need help to get this resolved.




    It seems like a javascript duplicates all slide links and this results in 2×3 slides = 6 lightbox images. I marked this thread for Kriesi cause I could not debug the error.

    Best regards,



    Thank you so much, Peter for taking a look!!! I’ll keep an eye on the thread. I’ve been searching for an answer but with no luck so far.




    Me again. Have you tried starting over from scratch. Remove all of those images from your site media. And try over again. Worth trying. or try doing the same slide show on a new page and see what happens.


    I’ll try another page, thanks elames. We’ll see what happens. If that doesn’t work, hopefully Kriesi can look at the javascript…




    Alrighty, I placed the images on the home page slideshow. What I discovered was if I don’t have a caption and description (under default options), when I click to open lightbox it works fine. But when I add in a caption and description (which the client wants to have) it doubles the images.

    Really hoping Kriesi can get this one figured out!




    Hmmmm that is strange. I will try on one of mine and see if the same thing happens. Will let you know


    YOU ARE RIGHT. Mine did the same thing when I put in captions. I never looked at it as a lightbox before so definitely something wrong there.

    Hope it works out.


    Peter, any idea when Kriesi can take a look at this? My client now wants me to train him so he can take over and having a caption and description over the image is what they want.




    Hi Stevie,

    I addressed this same question in your other question here: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) but it looks like you’ve given some additional details in this thread instead :)

    I’ll check in with Kriesi today to see if he has addressed this yet. In the mean time, the only work around is to not use the lighbox option to prevent the double image bug. Its not ideal, but hopefully we can have a fix out asap.




    Thank you, Devin! I appreciate your help.



    ps: No more bumping! I didn’t realize what bumping a post did.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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