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    I’ve set up my portfolios as collections of a product, but I want to link the images of the individual pieces to the Etsy shop (instead of the lightbox popup). Is there a way to change what happens when a user clicks on the image or image link? Ideally, this the link to the Etsy shop would open in a new window/tab.

    Example page:


    Amanda Y.


    Hi Amanda,

    I think with Flashlight the only way to do this easily would be to set your gallery “As background slider only” and then insert the image into the visual editor and add the link to that image.




    But the point of the portfolio is to showcase the different items available. Making them the background slider defeats that purpose. Did you look at the link provided? I can’t imagine that there’s not a way to have the image be a link instead of a lightbox pop up. All the images on the page already have links associated with them, but the link is being overwritten by whatever code creates the lightbox pop up.


    Hi kindledmind,

    I did look at the link and I believe I understand what you are trying to achieve. However, the theme creates the links through the gallery function and you would need to create a different function in order to make it so that a user could assign the link to the gallery image.

    Alternatively, you could use the WooCommerce plugin which has support for more product oriented layout and use the external/affiliate product type which will let you set an external URL for the whole portfolio item.




    If I used the WooCommerce plugin, could I disable to shopping cart aspect and just use the product gallery? I haven’t used WooCommerce before, so I’m not really familiar with it.



    You can deactivate lightbox entirely. Go to js folders then look for avia.js. Find this code

    //activates the prettyphoto lightbox

    Replace it with this

    //activates the prettyphoto lightbox

    I believe there is an option to manually link each images.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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