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    I’m trying to use the CleanCut theme for a client and I am running into a couple of problem that I hope you can help with.

    1) The client would like their site to contain a page featuring each employee (a pic and short bio) that then leads the user to the individual employees bio/blog page. The only way I could think to do this was to create a portfolio page with each employee being a portfolio item (under the Portfolio category of “Meet Our Staff”). Does this approach make sense? Is there a better way to do it (I was hoping for a way to do this via explicitly created users on the site … but I don’t know how to generate the page that has all of the employees pics and bio excerpt)

    2) If the Portfolio page is the best way to go, How can I get the thumbnail images be displayed in portrait orientation? (altering the size in functions.php changes the thumbnails on the mainpage column headers too which I do not want to do)

    3) Can I control what widgets are displayed in the sidebar for each individual page?

    Thank you for a great template and I appreciate your patience for my noob questions

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

    Thanks in advance



    Hi Anant,

    1) Using the portfolio route will probably work but you may also want to look into a plugin for something explicitly for that kind of thing.

    2) The most basic, simple route would probably just to use a regular page and set it up with shortcodes to the layout you want. This way you can quickly and easily add in the images at the size you want.

    3) The best way to do that would be with something like





    1) If your client has a large number of employees where sorting them makes sense for visitors by department, you could use the portfolio. However if we are talking about 5-10 employees, I would just create a regular page and would manually add the images and short descriptions using an html table or divs. Then create the 5-10 individual pages for each employee and use shortcodes for columns to put the image and the bios where you want them to go. You can make all the individual employee pages children of the main employee home page.

    2) Can you provide a url please to a live example of what you mean and I think we can fix that up for you.

    3) Yes. Please download which will let you control when each widget is displayed in a sidebar. So you would add 5 widgets of the same type , and have one displayed on home page , one on posts etc… in the same sidebar. I would also install , which turbo charges the normal text widget and actually lets you style it as well as execute code within it.




    Devin, Nick …. you guys rock!!!!

    Nick, the image thumbnail size problem you can see it at

    My client only has around 8 employees … so pagination will not be required … however I was trying to build the site in such a way that they would be able to easily maintain it. Ideally I would love to be able to have the “Meet The Staff” page be generated from the info (Name, Pic, Bio) of the Users defined in the WordPress dashboard. The only people that will be allowed to blog will be the employees and even then it will be to their own pages. I would love the Name, Pic and Bio excerpt to be arranged in a grid on the Meet The Staff page

    I’m not sure if there is a plugin that could do this … or should I investigate writing my own.

    Again thanks for the help and suggestions so far … any other recommendations will be appreciated





    The things you describe are possible though they would require a freelancer to customize. However you can take a look at these plugins:

    WordPress users automatically have a page of their own if they create posts (authors page) . I would spend a few hours going through different tags in the plugin repository and try out as many as you can to get an idea what will be the easiest to customize to fit your client’s needs.



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