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    I’m not sure what I’m doing incorrect, but my Blog page doesn’t appear formatted any differently whether the the Default Template or Blog Overview Template is applied to the page. Ultimately, I want my Blog page to look like this: > I was hoping the Blog Overview template offered that, but if not, how (1)Can I achieve that look in CleanCut?

    (the example appears to be using Aviso?) I’ve look for instructions or sample, I’m sorry I’m must be missing the easy answer somewhere – is there (2)a link to an example of what the Blog Overview template is suppose to look like when applied?



    Can you post a link to your website please. I need to see the problem first hand.


    Sure, but I’m not sure if the problem is with me or the problem is I should be seeing something different if I select the “Overview” template bec I’m not sure what that is suppose to look like — my link is:

    Just to be clear, in the Dashboard, I went to Pages, selected the page called ‘ Blog’, and selected the Overview template and saved/updated. (The HTML editor is blank.)




    you need to set this page as your blog page. So don’t set the overview template but go to CleanCut Options > Blog Options and select the “Blog” page as your blog page (drop down list at the very top, an option called “Blog Page” :-) )


    Yes, that was already set too – the link I provided should have taken you right to my ‘blog’ postings page, which is named Blog,, and yes this is the page assigned or selected under CleanCut Options > Blog Options > Blog Page. I can see the blog posts on the correct page, they do show on this page obviously, blog is assigned to the page named “Blog” and it does show so I don’t believe that part is a problem. Are you noticing something else? My question is the in the formatting/layout alternative and purpose of the Overview template and what that is suppose to look like and how to implement a layout like Is there some other setting I’m missing? BTW I did NOT set a Static or Post page under Settings > Reading > Front Page Displays…..

    Perhaps I am still missing something simple, but I’m not sure how to attach a screenshot here to show you my dashboard selections to show you…if you want to me to do that, let me know how



    the link you showed me above goes to a category (archiv) page. You can link to a category by creating a “category menu item” in your menu manager. Your blog page looks like the standard cleancut blog page – just compare: and


    Thanks but I’m really not following what it is you are trying to tell me – yes, I am in agreement with your last reply, my blog appears to be the standard default blog layout, the link was to my blog, it looks like the CleanCut blog, there are only 4 active posts, they are uncategorized. I’ve not yet done anything special with categories, I’m not linking to categories in menus at this time….so back to my original questions:

    1) how can I make my blog page look like this link (in layout/appearance)

    2) what is the purpose of the Blog Overview template, how do you apply it and what does it look like



    I uploaded a modified version of template_blog.php here:

    Just replace the original file with the modified version and your blog page should look like the page you showed me.


    Hi, thanks – I replaced the template_blog.php file with the new one I downloaded from your link, but I still see no change in appearance on my blog page – I’m sorry, I don’t know what I’m missing


    Mmm… interesting. Can you create me an admin account and send me the login details to: (Email address hidden if logged out) – I’ll have a look into it.


    thank you, yes, emailed you the info several hours ago – much appreciate the persistence



    sent you a mail. I can’t help you because it seems like the site owner made a few customizations to his blog. I thought it’s the normal archive layout (because Avisios archive looks like the link you showed me) but it isn’t.


    hello same trouble……i send you an emal


    Love your template if you can see


    Thanks Dude – my site is using CleanCut but I also have Avisios — I am fine with the look being similar (not exact) if you can assist me in applying the archive look from Avisos to CleanCut, that’s fine too — one reason I bought both as each has good features. Not for sure what you mean by “normal” archive layout but if you can assist in applying that look, that would be perfect. Also, what is the difference between the CleanCut blog page ‘Default template’ vs the ‘Blog Overview’ template, I’m not seeing a difference and I was thinking it might apply a dfferent look – Thanks! (ps. also replied to your email, thank you)


    I sent you a mail :)


    I understand what you are saying (in ur email) and greatly appreciate your persistence and thorough response, thank you! Based on your email, for any others following this thread, getting the CleanCut blog layout to mimic the Avisio blog would require customization, customization that was built in to the Avisio theme and not easily ported over to CleanCut. The CleanCut Blog Overview template layout is no different from the default.

    Thank you again, Dude, for your follow through.


    If you’ve any other questions just ask. I’ll close this thread now :)

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